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Daily Maintenance Of UPS Power
Apr 07, 2017

1. Try not to connect the inductive load. Because the inductive load of the starting current will often exceed the rated current 3-4 times, this will cause the instantaneous overload of UPS, the impact of UPS life span, the inductive load including summer fans, refrigerators and so on.

2. Not fully loaded or excessive light load. Do not use the UPS to the rated power, do not think that the empty interface should not be idle while connecting other electrical appliances, long-term full load state will directly affect the mission of UPS.

3. Protecting the battery, a very important component of UPS is the battery. At present, most of the ups and non-maintenance of the sealed lead-acid batteries, although it does not need to maintain the surface, but the poor care, also will be wrong, not to mention the batteries are expensive, demanding in 0-30 environment work.

4. Regular maintenance. Usually, half a year should measure the battery's end voltage to the UPS. If the voltage exceeds 1V should use a balanced constant pressure current (0.5A) charging, if not effective, only new batteries, if the local long-term non-power outage, must be regular (usually three months) artificially interrupted power supply, so that ups with load discharge.

5. Pay attention to lightning strikes. Be sure to ensure the effective shielding and grounding protection of UPS.