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Can The Charger Of Lead-acid Batteries And Lithium Batteries Be Versatile
Apr 07, 2017

As the process of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries is accelerating, some people will wonder if they have bought a lead-acid battery electric car after replacing it with lithium-battery electric vehicles, can the battery charger of the lead-acid batteries be used to recharge the lithium batteries? In this connection, the relevant information shows that this is not feasible.

Because the lead-acid battery charger is generally set to two-stage or three-stage charging mode, the lithium battery and lead-acid battery voltage level is not matched, and lithium batteries have many kinds, battery performance and battery Protection board parameters may be different.

So lithium batteries are not like lead-acid batteries, there is a general-purpose battery charger, usually, lithium batteries are shipped with a dedicated charger, in order to protect lithium batteries, need to use a dedicated charger.