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Application Of Lithium Ion Capacitor
Apr 07, 2017

At present, the application of improved lithium ion capacitors on the basis of double-layer capacitor is in four respects:

1. Balancing wind power generation, when the wind energy is small, available to power supply; a capacitor can be used to store electricity without wasting;

2. Street lamp batteries, a power-filled unit (including LED lighting, solar panels, lithium ion capacitors) can be maintained overnight lighting, if the use of Ni-MH batteries or lithium-ion batteries to design complex control module;

3. The power balance, with the principle of wind energy, lithium-ion capacitors in UPS uninterruptible Power systems, engineering elevators and other applications to auxiliary peak currents, thereby through the main supply of small capacity to achieve the miniaturization of the system;

4, Standby power supply: Large power cars and small electronic control equipment applications.