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Li-Ion Battery Charger

Lithium Li ion battery charger CC/CV charge mode and float current with LED indicator, when charging, LED show RED. Fully charge, LED show Green. range of 4.2V-73V, 0.1A-11A, 220W max. 4.2V charger, 8.4V charger, 12.6V charger, 16.8V charger, 21V charger, 25.2V charger, 29.4V charger, 36V charger,42V charger, 54.6V charger, 58.8V charger for electric scooter, bike and power tools
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Established in 2007, Global Electronic is one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of Li-Ion battery charger. Welcome to choose here from a large selection of Li-Ion battery charger products made in China for the most suitable one you need. The 3 years warranty, OEM and ODM service are also offered in our factory.