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What are the differences between battery charger and power adapter?
Apr 17, 2017

What we need is a battery power adapter or power adapter ?

What are the differences between battery charger and power adapter?

To distinguish one item is a power adapter or a battery charger, We should know what is the battery charger? What is the power adapter? How do they work?

  1. Battery charger: Commonly we call the item that can charge the battery packs directly battery charger. It can convert AC voltage to DC voltage and constant current.There are current limited, voltage limited.etc DC to DC charge circuits in the item itself.

    Such as the Drone li ion battery charger, Robot charger, Electric scooter charger.etc

    4.2V 1A charger            Xinsu Global model: XSG0421000

    8.4V 1A charger            Xinsu Global model: XSG0841000 

   12.6V 2A charger             Xinsu Global model: XSG1262000

   16.8V 4A charger            Xinsu Global model: XSG1684000

   42V 2A charger            Xinsu Global model: XSG4202000....

 2. Power adapter: There are four types, AC to AC, AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC.

   Infact, The AC to DC ones are widely used, It also converts high voltage to low voltage, No    DC to DC charge circuit in the power adapter itself. Usually it will be used for CCTV        monitor, POS machine, LED display, Laptop, LED light.etc

   Such as:

   12V power adapters:         12V 1A, XSG1201000

                      12V 3A, XSG1203000

                      12V 5A, XSG1205000

   24V power adapters:          24V 1A, XSG2401000

                      24V 1.2A, XSG2401200

                      24V 1.5A, XSG2401500

                      24V 2.5A, XSG2402500

   19V power adapters:          19V 2.1A, XSG1902100

                      19V 3A, XSG1903000

                      19V 3.42A, XSG1903420

                      19V 4.5A, XSG1904500