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Switching Power Adapter Components
Apr 07, 2017

1. Varistor, its function is when the external voltage is too high, varistor quickly become very small resistance, and Varistor series fuse fuses, so as to protect other circuits not burned.

2. Power adapter fuses, when the current in the circuit is too large, fuses will fuse to protect other components.

3. Inductance coils, also known as choke coil, the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference.

4. Rectifier Bridge, the role is to 100-240V AC power into DC.

5. Filter capacitance, the effect is to filter the AC ripple in DC, make the circuit work more reliable.

6.PWMIC (IC), drive switching tubes and voltage regulator important components.

7. Power adapter High-power switching tube, switching power supply is one of the core components, switching power supply can "open a shut" work, switching pipe power.

8. Switching transformers, switching voltage is one of the key components in the switch power supply.

9. Secondary rectifier, the function is to turn low-voltage AC power into low-voltage DC power.

10. Secondary filter capacitance, the effect of the ripple in the low-voltage DC power filter.

In addition to the above components, the circuit board also has adjustable potentiometer and other capacitive resistance elements.

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