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Power Adapter Usage Considerations
Apr 07, 2017

There are generally several items on the label of the power adapter that need to be noticed:

First, is the model of the power adapter, such as the model of the power adapter is XVE-120100, it tells us a few information, is its manufacturers, Watts, etc., XVE the beginning of the general is ## Company code, 120100 is that this power adapter is 12W, 050200 is 10W;

Second, is the power adapter input (input), in China General is 100-240V~50-60Hz, this indicates that the power adapter can be 100V-240V voltage under normal work;

Thirdly, the output of the power adapter (outputs), two numbers can be very fast to calculate the power adapter wattage, such as the power adapter, voltage 12V* current 1A=12W (power), indicating that this power supply is a 12W power adapter.