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Power Adapter Maintenance Method
Apr 07, 2017

1. Note the power cord of the 24V8A power adapter, winding the notebook power cord as much as possible, lest break the internal cable to form a circuit breaker.

2. If the original notebook power adapter has a problem, cannot be repaired, you can first use the alternative adapters, as long as the output voltage, current and the interface can be quite.

3. The power adapter is problematic to burn the laptop motherboard, which is rare, if any, may be damaged in the notebook's internal regulator circuits.

4. As far as possible do not destroy the shell, the shell damage, will appear to strengthen the electromagnetic radiation and other issues, affecting the stability of the notebook, the body also has a very harmful, if the shell damage, as far as possible to repair.

5. Check the capacitance resistance inductance there is no problem, such as the capacitor drum bulge, the best timely replacement, lest leave hidden dangers.