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Hydrogen storage materials for nickel-hydrogen batteries
Apr 07, 2017

Nickel-Hydrogen batteries as a rapidly developing high-energy green rechargeable battery today, with the advantages of high energy density, fast charging and discharging, long cycle life and non-polluting, such as laptop, portable cameras, digital cameras and electric bicycles are widely used in the fields, in order to promote nickel-hydrogen battery performance, the anode hydrogen storage materials research has never been interrupted.

In the narrow sense, hydrogen storage material is a kind of material that can produce metal hydride with hydrogen reaction, but it has obvious difference with general metal hydride. That is, hydrogen storage materials must have a high degree of reaction reversibility, and the number of reversible cycles must be enough, the cycle times more than 5000, in fact, it must be able to the appropriate temperature, under pressure, a large number of reversible absorption and release of hydrogen materials.