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Common quality problems for power adapters
Apr 07, 2017

The production enterprise of the power adapter in China's line phase still mainly small enterprises, even there are some handmade underground processing plants, these enterprises produce the quality of products are worrying, in recent years the State administration of inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry organization of supervision and sampling, the qualified rate of the enterprise is less than 80%, the main problems of the following quality.

1. Product markings are incomplete or nonstandard

Tags should include important information that guides the user to properly install the use, marking the product correctly, ensuring the basic of the user's personal property security.

2. The power plug is not standardized

Our country stipulates that domestic single-phase power plug has two levels of no polar and two-stage grounding in two forms, the power plug in use should be able to prevent single-level insertion.

3. Under normal operating conditions of fever does not meet the requirements

The high temperature rise of the power adapter under normal working conditions is a widespread problem, because the temperature is too high to cause fire.

4. Short-circuit and overload the product has the security potential danger

In the output short-circuit, capacitors or diodes and other parts of the failure conditions, the power adapter internal loss of a sharp increase, resulting in the temperature of each site.